Processing Instruction: "Building Bridges Between Theory, Research, and Classroom Instruction."The Foreign Language Learning Colloquium Speaker Series Lecture

Prof. of French Wynne Wong The Ohio State University

Processing Instruction: Building Bridges Between Theory, Research, and Classroom Instruction

In 1993, VanPatten and Cadierno published a seminal article that challenged the field of instructed second language acquisition. They argued that L2 instruction tended to be too heavily oriented on product and not well grounded in an understanding of underlying processes of acquisition. Out of this research emerged processing instruction (PI), a type of pedagogical intervention designed to help learners acquire specific grammatical structures by teaching them how to process input effectively. This talk discusses the theory and research behind Processing Instruction and how classroom L2 instruction can be used to impact how learners process input.


Lecture will be followed by Workshop taking place on Nov. 7th at 9:00am