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The French Connexions Center of Excellence was recognized in 2019 as part of the prestigious network of the French Embassy in Washington, D.C., hosted by the top 15 research universities in the United States. Founded by Lionel Cuillé, a member of the French faculty in Romance Languages and Literatures, the center’s mission is to promote and interpret Francophone culture in all its diversity. The center also intends to demonstrate the added value of French studies for WashU students in science and the social sciences in particular, since a double major in French opens up new professional opportunities and internships in the Francophone world. One of the center’s priorities is to contribute to the new mission of the university as envisioned by Chancellor Martin: “In St. Louis, for St. Louis.” One of the highlights of 2021 was undoubtedly the commemoration of St. Louis native and French legend Josephine Baker on the Washington University campus on the same day she was inducted into the Panthéon in Paris.

The French Connexions operates within the student body population. Our current student representative is Dommii DeMichele, who assists with event coordination and integrating the organization into campus life.

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Past Events
France for Pre-Med in Nice program awarded Transatlantic Mobility Program grant

France for Pre-Med in Nice program awarded Transatlantic Mobility Program grant

The grant will provide scholarships for the five-week exchange program between Washington University and Pasteur Hospital in Nice.

Olin Acquires a Valuable Resource for French Studies

Thanks to the extensive efforts of Professor Seth Graebner, Daria Carson-Dussan, and Cassie Brand, Olin Library has recently purchased the Pascal Pia Collection of French literature. Named after the pseudonym of poet and literary critic Pierre Durand (1903-1979), this major collection of rare works includes 1000 items in French literature and criticism published between 1800 and 1977 and acquired by Pia. The collection includes, among other works, a significant amount of unique Surrealist ephemera.

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