Francophone Week

Celebrated yearly in March, the International Francophonie Day (Journée Internationale de la Francophonie) is a worldwide celebration that reunites francophones to celebrate French language and francophone cultures. This year, we reflect on the role of time in shaping the francophonie ; the French language has changed and continues to change to reflect the enormous diversity of francophone communities in all continents around the globe using the language for everything from everyday communication to writing scientific reports and groundbreaking literature.

The 2023 edition is the 3rd by the WashU French community. This is a week-long and student-led event with the help of faculty members, the WashU center for excellence French ConneXion, RLL Department, and Olin Library.

Until March 22nd, undergraduate students can submit a creative writing for a chance to win the 1st prize of our writing contest. Guidelines can be found on the website

There will be a High School category organized and partnered with French ConneXions. 

This year will offer the following in-person program : 

  • Tuesday, March 28th. Trivia Night, at 5pm, in McDonnell 362. *Registration needed - Prizes to win for the winning team*
  • Wednesday, March 29th. Soccer game on Mudd Field, at 4pm, with the Arabic program. *Registration needed - all level welcomed*
  • Thursday, March 30th. Movie night "La Brigade" (2022) in McDonnell 162 at 5pm, this movie is at the intersection of our classes “The Art of French Cooking” (FR320) and “Cultural Expression: Les Banlieues” (FR307)
  • Friday, March 31st. Café & Croissants in Eads open space (2nd floor) from 10am to 12pm.