Students who are intrigued by ancient Rome, Dante’s Inferno, the towering influence of Renaissance Florence, Italy's cuisine and the Slow Food movement that originated there, or the history and contemporary crisis of migration to and from Italy, will find many things to explore in our Italian studies program. The undergraduate curriculum enables our students to achieve a high level of proficiency in Italian language, and provides extensive preparation in Italian literature and culture, as well as opportunities for travel and study abroad. Our semester and year-long study abroad program in Padua immerses students in Italian life and learning.

As one of the top 4 European economies, Italy is a leader in design, fashion, travel and tourism, the automotive industry, information technology, media and communications, engineering, pharmaceutical production, food and wine, and textiles. The study of Italian in our program will prepare students for work in these sectors, as well as careers in international business; diplomacy and international government and law; academia; the fine arts; and education.

We offer and intellectually dynamic and personally rewarding educational environment, enhanced by the Tavola Italiana, and our ongoing series of lectures, films, and artistic performancesBenvenuti a tutti!



Vatican Museums, Roma

Studying Italian

Roma, caput mundi

All roads lead to Rome!! Through language learning, the study of Italian literature, cultural contact both in the classroom and (should you choose) Italy, as well as locally with members of the Italian-American community, you’ll discover how much of Western culture can trace its origins to Italy. In our language, culture, and literature courses you’ll learn to speak and write Italian, and in our advanced courses in literature, history of Italian, and cultural analysis you’ll refine these skills. Through their focus on Italy past and present, our courses will enable you to design your future.

Firenze, la culla del Rinascimento

Few moments are as important in the history of Western art as the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in Florence. Names like Brunelleschi, Leonardo, Michelangelo are household words, and the artists behind the names all emerged from the astonishingly fertile Florentine artistic culture of the early and high Renaissance. You can combine your study of Italian with the study of art history as well as with many other fields, including European history; history of science; music history; women, gender, and sexuality studies; religion; applied linguistics; second language acquisition; translation studies; Mediterranean studies. Many of your cross-disciplinary adventures will take you to important Italian cities, such as Florence (art history), Bologna (music history), and Rome (religion).

La bella Napoli

Where would we be without pizza? Invented in Naples, this ubiquitous Italian pie not only fills millions of hungry stomachs every day, it also serves as the cornerstone for more than one American business. Business is but one of many careers that the study of Italian will open up for you, both here in the United States and abroad.

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Italian majors to go on to find success across a wide spectrum of industries. Explore our career resources and outcomes.


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Our faculty take an active interest in our students, providing support and encouragement throughout their studies as they become dynamic, conscientious, and informed members of today's global community.

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