Jobs Report

Two of our recent graduate students in Spanish have landed tenure-track jobs during this highly competitive season.

Irene Domingo, who received her PhD in Spring 2015, has accepted a tenure-track position as an assistant professor of Peninsular Literature (20th-21st centuries) at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She wrote a dissertation on cultural responses to and revisions of late Francoism with Ignacio Infante, and she is currently revising the thesis for publication. At St. Thomas she will join another of our Spanish PhDs, Paola Ehrmantraut. Irene’s success is a tribute not only to her talents as a teacher and a researcher, but to all of the outstanding faculty members who worked so hard to prepare her.

Stacy Davis, a PhD candidate in Spanish, has accepted a tenure-track position in Spanish and pedagogy at Truman State University. This appointment, which will include teaching language pedagogy courses, is testimony to Stacy's many talents, her superb preparation in Spanish, and the power of the Graduate Certificate in Language Instruction to influence hiring committees, particularly in a competitive job market like the current one. Stacy is currently completing her dissertation, directed by Akiko Tsuchiya.

Irene’s and Stacy’s success offers further confirmation of the strength and solid reputation of our Spanish program. This only bodes well for the future.