On the Profession Workshops

On the Profession is an ongoing workshop series that addresses a variety of topics such as dissertation design, publishing, how to approach the job market (including guidance for preparing materials, mock interviews, and practice job talks), as well as broader conversations about trends and contemporary questions shaping the profession. Goals of the workshops include helping students navigate the transition from graduate school to professional life after the PhD and, among others, engaging more general issues humanities scholars face today.

In addition, mock interviews are scheduled and may be videotaped ahead of time in the department for those advanced students wishing to attend the MLA annual convention and who may already have job interviews scheduled. Such mock interviews allow students to assess their own interviewing skills and to prepare for productive meetings with prospective employers.

Preparation for the job market also entails a pre-MLA briefing about trends in foreign language instructional methods based on recent research, textbooks, and methodologies. Faculty members assist candidates with preparation of a teaching philosophy statement and portfolio and with preparation for the teaching aspect of on-campus interviews. Finally, when hired, graduate students may receive assistance in the initial development of course materials as a new faculty member.

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Events List

Workshop Schedule Fall 2019

September 20, 3:00pm-4:30pm
Conference Participation

With Professors Andrew Brown (Chair of RLL) & Pascal Ifri

November 22, 3:00pm-4:30pm 
Teaching Literature & Culture to 21st-Century Students

With Professors Tabea Linhard & Rebecca Messbarger