Washington University Semester Program in Madrid, Spain

The Spanish Language Institute is suspended for 2021.


Students have two university options: the Autónoma University or Carlos III University

Students will apply to the Madrid university best suited to their specializations in Spanish and another discipline after consultation with the WU Program in Spain program adviser in Overseas Programs. The Autónoma University offers direct enrollment in a wide range of disciplinary programs in the humanities including Spanish, natural sciences, and social sciences; the Carlos III University offers direct enrollment in a range of social and applied science programs, and its humanities program (which does not have a Spanish major).

Spanish majors may obtain up to 9 credits in the program from Spain, while minors may obtain up to 6 credits. Students attending the program for one year may obtain up to 12 credits.

These credits may come from the courses listed below. The requirements that might be satisfied by individual courses are indicated in parentheses.

Spanish 317. Lengua. (elective)

Spanish 3181. Spanish Culture and Civilization. (380 culture survey or elective)

Spanish 3341, 3361, and 350. Approved Literature Survey (34X literature survey or elective)

Spanish 450. Approved Literature Seminar from the Autónoma University (400-level literature seminar)

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