Romance Languages & Literatures Honors 2024

Romance Languages & Literatures 

2024 Honors

French Graduate Awards 

  • Silver Critical Essay Prize: awarded to Ryan Gomez
  • Silver Award for Outstanding Service: awarded to Maurice Tetne

French Undergraduate Awards 

  • Excellence in French Studies: awarded to Caroline Chou, Heather Grossman, Andre Harte and Sarah Olsen
  • The Roberta J. Luery Award for Undergraduate Study in France Luery: awarded to Catherine Biglaiser
  • Admussen Prize for outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in French: awarded to Madeleine Singer and Caroline Raso 

Italian Undergraduate Award 

  • Paul & Silvia Rava Prize for Excellence in Italian Studies: awarded to Tania Domenzain Vera, Keigh Pickens, and Abigail Cannon

Spanish Graduate Awards 

  • Eva Sichel Memorial Essay Award: awarded to Héctor Pineda Cupa
  • Helen Fe Jones Award for Teaching Spanish: awarded to Gabriel Antunez de Mayolo Kou

Spanish Undergraduate Awards 

  • Zelson Award for Outstanding Junior in Spanish: awarded to John Yeldham
  • Sherman Eoff Prize for Excellence in the Undergraduate Program in Spanish: awarded to Alexis Bentz