Kat Haklin

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
PhD, Johns Hopkins University
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    • Monday & Wednesday
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    • Washington University
    • CB 1077
    • One Brookings Drive
    • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    Kat Haklin's research focuses on representations of claustrophobia and explores a range of cultural production from modern France—from poetry and prose, to painting and caricature, to fashion and the history of dress.

    She is currently working on a book project based on her dissertation, Enclosed Worlds: Shifting Spatial Perspectives in French Literature 1850-1890, in which she examines how authors Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Jules Verne, and Émile Zola deploy a new conception of enclosed space in their texts, anticipating the first medical definitions for spatial phobias which emerge during the latter half of the nineteenth century in France.