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Francesca Dennstedt was awarded a Divided City Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship (summer 2019) through the Center for the Humanities at Washington University. 

Olivia Lott won the Eva Sichel Memorial Essay Prize for Best Critical Essay in Spanish, Washington University in St. Louis (Spring 2019). She was also selected as a Peter Taylor Fellow in Literary Translation for the Kenyon Review’s summer writing workshops (Summer 2019).

Gabriella Martin received several awards over the past academic year. These included:

  • Center for the Humanities Graduate Student Fellowship in Residence (Fall 2019)
  • Helen Fe Jones Award for Excellence in Teaching (Spring 2019)
  • American Comparative Literature Association Graduate Travel Grant (Spring 2019)

Soledad Mocchi-Radichi was selected for an award from the Center of the Humanities, The Divided City Initiative, to participate in the “Public Life Survey, Masterclass in Urbanism, Architecture + Landscape: Tall Buildings and the Lively City: Behavioral Studies and City Design, London.” (February 2019) She was also selected as co-convener (with Santiago Rozo Sánchez, Rodrigo Viqueira and Yamile Ferreira) for a grant from the Center of the Humanities for the 2019-2020 Reading Group “Projecting Latin American Cinema.”

Other News & Activities

Karla Patricia Aguilar Velásquez presented the paper “The Impossibility of Oblivion: The Ethical Construction of Trauma in La Noria” at the Graduate Colloquium Forbidden, Forgotten, Erased, Exposing Absences, at the University of Maryland (October 2018). She also presented Resistencias convertidas: coaptación de Ia diferencia en La noria at the 44th Annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference held in Santa Marta, Colombia (May 2019). 

Shirley Anghel participated in the 2019 Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies 50thAnniversary Conference at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain as part of the panel “Female Writers and Historical Narratives in Modern Spain” with a paper titled “Revisiting the Second Republic through the work of María Teresa León and Rafael Alberti.” She also participated in the University of Kentucky’s Languages, Literatures and Cultures 2019 Conference as part of the panel “El contra-discurso franquista en las autoras de medio siglo” with a paper titled: “Between Disavowal and Nostalgia: Christian Charity in the work of María Teresa León and Rafael Alberti." She is currently the Graduate Student Coordinator for the honor society devoted to students of Spanish, Sigma Delta Pi- Beta Omega Chapter. 

Francesca Dennstedt co-organized the panel Latin American Transnational Feminism: Apuntes desde la academia en sororidad for Ethnographic Futures. ALLA/AES/ABA 2019. She presented the paper “The Radical Beats of ‘Ni Una Menos’ in times of ‘Me Too’: Decolonizing Solidarity throughout the Americas.” She also present “Tiempo de poéticas cuir: Karen Villeda, Bárbara Sánchez-Kane y la síntesis afectiva de un siglo macho” for XXV Annual Juan Bruce-Novoa Mexican Conference 2019.

Yamile Ferreira presented the paper “Teatralidades populares y sujetos vulnerables: pobreza y proxenetismo en El patio de la Torcaza de Carlos Maggi” at the III Symposium of Southern Cone Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association in Buenos Aires, Argentina (July 2019). She also presented “Subjetividades en movimiento: El hombre nuevo de Aldo Garay” at the VII Jornadas de Debate Feminista (organized by Cotidiano Mujer) in Montevideo, Uruguay (July 2019).

Olivia Lott presented the paper “‘página tal verso cuál’: Translational Poetics and Politics in Juan Gelman’s Los poemas de Sidney West” at the Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference (April 2019) as well as the paper “Towards a ‘Translational Archive’ of Avant-Garde Poetry: Creacionismo, Displacement, and Translational Poetics in Vicente Huidobro’s Altazor” at the Graduate Roundtable, “Apollinaire’s Legacies: Modernist Poetics and Avant-Gardes” at Washington University in St. Louis (November 2018). She also contributed several reviews of poetry in translation to both the Kenyon Review Online and Empty Mirror and published translations of Spanish American poetry in Cigar City Poetry Journal, Kenyon Review, Latin American Literature Today, Make Magazine, and World Literature Today.

Gabriella Martin presented the paper “Iberian Babel: Language Politics and Multilingual Translation in Contemporary Spain” at the American Comparative Literature Association conference at Georgetown University in March 2019. She also organized the panel “Translation as Creative Criticism: Dispatches from the Wash U Translators Collective” for the “Crossing the Borders of Creation and Critique Conference” at Washington University in Spring 2019. Upcoming conference presentations include a paper on the panel “Translation Visibility in the Academy: Scholarship, Teaching, Community” at the American Literary Translators Association conference in November 2019, and a paper on the panel “Rethinking Translation, Origination, Originality” at the MLA convention in January 2020. Over Summer 2019, Gabriella worked as the Assistant to the Director for Washington University’s summer study abroad program in Madrid.

Soledad Mocchi-Radichi presented the paper “El ‘otro’ inasimilable: inmigrantes ‘turcos’ en dos sainetes criollos” at the III Simposio de la Sección de estudios del Cono Sur de LASA “Cuerpos en peligro: minorías y migrantes,” Buenos Aires, Universidad Tres de Febrero, July 2019. The paper was part of a panel organized by her, Rodrigo Viqueira and Yamile Ferreira, titled “Teatralidades populares y subjetividades (in)visibles en el Río de la Plata.”



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    Olivia Lott, translator. Lucía Estrada. Katabasis. Eulalia Books, Forthcoming 2020.

    Gabriella Martin. “The Mask of the Translator: Memory, Exile, and (Pseudo)Translation in Max Aub’s Antología traducida.” Forthcoming in Hispania 102.4, Dec. 2019.

    ---. Review of Juana I by Ana Arzoumanian, transl. Gabriel Amor in the Kenyon Review Online, September 2018: https://www.kenyonreview.org/reviews/sept-2018-micro-reviews/

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    Soledad Mocchi-Radichi. “Uruguay como la ‘Suiza de América,’ Aparte (2003): ¿el fin de un mito?” In the dossier “La esfera pública plebeya en América Latina: prácticas, significaciones, usos” of the Revista ENCUENTROS LATINOAMERICANOS (Sección Estudios de la Cultura, Revista Interdisciplinaria del Centro de Estudios Interdisciplinarios Latinoamericanos, Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad de la República, Montevideo). Forthcoming December 2019.

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